Meet Our Team

Nicole- Owner + Resident Jean Cutter

You usually can find Nicole with her pup Lulu helping in the fitting room or cutting jeans at the shop.  This shop is truly her happy place and the culmination of her dreams.  

Her passion for denim is contagious and if you challenge her to find you the perfect jeans you will make her day!  With her fashion design background and a mama who showed instilled in her that quality counts- it isn't a surprise to anyone who knows her that she ended up with a women's clothing boutique.

If she is not working- she is usually spending her time with her awesome hubby, beautiful daughters, friends or family, or traveling.


Becca- Our Awesome Store Manager

You would never know that Becca is not a California native from her perfectly California style.  Laid back and comfortable is her vibe and when she is not styling and helping to run the shop- she is a busy Mama to 3 beautiful kids and awesome wife to her hubby Brian. 

Becca's knowledge of fabrics and fits is amazing and if you come in the shop while she is working- be prepared- she will show you everything you didn't know you needed and more!  She is a wizard with getting to know people and listening to just what it is they need in their life.  She is also the most loyal and genuine friend and strong to her core!  Life has not always been easy for her but you wouldn't know it from meeting her.  She is able to juggle family life and work with ease, and when you meet her you can't help but to fall in love with her.


Michelle- Styling Specialist and Social Media Content Creator.  You have seen her on our insta with her cool confidence and amazing sense of style...if you come in when Michelle is working you are sure to be in good hands!  Watching her instagram videos you can't help but love her...and meeting her in person is even better!  She can help you find your favorite new jeans in a snap and show you all the latest styling tips and tricks...but her secret weapon is her smile!  She is sweet, hardworking and super mom!  Ask her about her 2 littles and you will be amazed at all of the things this busy mom juggles in her day.  


Leslie- All Around Awesomeness!  Sweet.  Hardworking. Style Expert.  She is here to help at whatever is needed.  Her casual style is based in comfort but not afraid to add a pop of color and fun.  



Cheryl: Always up for some fun!  You will love popping in and shopping with Cheryl.  She has an awesome sense of color and style and is always ready to help out.  Sweet and hardworking- Cheryl will be your new bestie!


Not pictured but also amazing are Bella, Ruby and Jessie who pop in with their awesomeness to help around the shop and spread their amazingness!