Assess Your Assets

If your goal is to move away from disposable fashion, then you need to start thinking about ALL of our clothes as investments.  No matter the brand – all of your pieces have value- either financial, utility or emotional value.  And shifting your perspective to view your wardrobe as a “portfolio” can be enormously helpful in starting to make rational decisions that help you maximize the value your wardrobe is providing; however, you define that.

Assessing your wardrobe assets in a similar manner to your financial assets.  The faster we switch our thinking to this mindset – the more informed and rational decisions you will be making.  You can quickly assess each clothing item or “asset” and see if it is still worth your investment.  If the asset is no longer providing value, it is time to liquidate and reinvest.

If you don’t see a path to increasing your wear of an item- it is time to move on. This can sometimes be difficult but is best to reframe your thinking.  An item you don’t love and aren’t wearing isn’t doing you any good sitting in your closet.  In fact, it can add negative energy to you every time you open your closet- because it can be a reminder of the money, time or energy you spent on something that isn’t working for you.  It is common to hold onto something because you have already invested in it- and letting go can feel like a waste- but it is the best step forward.

If an item isn’t returning for you right now, it is an asset that could be valued by someone else.  By letting it go, you are likely increasing the total utility of that item.  If you choose to resell it- then you can use that money to transform it into another item of higher value to you.  Once you start viewing your wardrobe as assets that can be exchanged- you will start moving towards a curated closet you truly love.

Make sure you write down any holes in your closet that you found through organizing your closet to share with your stylist.