Be honest- how many shopping cart tabs are open on your phone right now?  Trust me, I get it.  We are all used to mindlessly scrolling through websites while multitasking and then not really knowing what we should buy- from where and then not checking out on any of them.

Let’s close all those tabs and create an intentional Wishlist with items that you NEED to unlock your wardrobe and define your style.  Your Wishlist will be a roadmap to help you focus your intentions on the new items that will have the most impact on your wardrobe.  It will allow you to give yourself confidence in your purchases and change your purchasing from focusing on your budget to focusing on your wardrobe goals.  You may find that you end up shopping less- and your price per wear will be much lower – because you will be shopping with intention and purpose.

Making a Wishlist ensures that you are thoughtful about your purchases and clear what you truly need and gives you the strength to resist impulse purchases and prioritize which items to purchase (especially if you are in a budget).  With an organized list you can evaluate which items are essential to complete your wardrobe and which items warrant a higher investment based on your lifestyle and needs.

The goal is to be ready when an opportunity to buy something you need arises.  Building a curated closet isn’t only about the essentials but finding unique pieces and having the confidence to snatch them up without giving them a second thought.  Your Wishlist are the items you want to add to your closet that would unlock new outfits in your wardrobe and have a low cost per wear moving you towards your defined curated style.  It is not meant to just be a list of practical items- but also items you want that are just for fun.

Which areas do you want your stylist to focus when helping you build your curated closet?  Write down your top areas and share them with your stylist in the style quiz.