Inspiration boards and visuals are super helpful however defining 3 words that reflect your style- while sounding simple are also very necessary to focus on your style- rather than getting caught up on the latest trends.  Your 3 words with your inspiration board can give you a clear map to your style.

Think of a fashion icon and describe their style in 3 words:  Coco Chanel? Classic, Parisian, Tailored. Madonna: Edgy, Sexy, Powerful. Taylor Swift: Cool, Confident, Feminine.  Their style is iconic because it is consistent.

Defining your style in 3 words- will help you edit your wardrobe (deciding if an item fits in your wardrobe), is a filter for if you should buy a new item (ask yourself if it matches your 3 words- this will help you avoid unnecessary purchases) and create a guide for styling your outfits.  If your jeans fit into being “classic” and your shirt is “tailored”, and your 3rd word is Parisian- look for a pop of color in an accessory or shoes to bring your look together.


Make sure to write down your 3 words to share with your stylist to help guide your wardrobe decisions.