We will help you find the highest quality for the lowest cost items on your Wishlist- providing tips and tricks for how to style your pieces together to make getting dressed easy and fun.  Your stylist will help you to create a roadmap to reflect your personal style and partner with you to determine the items that would be ideal in your new wardrobe.

Are you ready to pull the trigger? 


What are the next steps:

  1. Select Your Box Here - Let Us know your budget/stylist
  2. Fill Out our Style Quiz Here


What to expect next:

  • Your stylist will contact you within 24-48 hours after you have selected your box and filled out the style quiz.  You will have a chance to change your budget with your stylist (so don't stress on that part)- it just gives them a starting point.
  • Let your stylist know the best way to reach you- email, text insta message, or facetime and the best time to contact you (if by phone or facetime).
  • Remember to share your inspiration board for your clear vision of your aspirational style. Let your stylist know what types of items appear frequently on your inspiration board, and do you already have a version of that item or is it missing?  What colors appear frequently and does my wardrobe reflect that balance?  Are there hair and makeup tips I can incorporate to achieve my style goals?
  • Your stylist will help you build outfits and identify missing pieces: helping you make sure the items in your box are reflecting your 3 words. Let your stylist know any items that you are missing that would help your look achieve the 3 words of your goals?  Are there certain items you are missing in order to create multiple outfits?  Which items do you need to unlock more looks?
  • If you have trouble getting inspired for new items check your calendar for upcoming events and try to build your outfits that would work for them- or think about upcoming seasons and what items, you will need to create the looks you want to achieve.
    • Upcoming events: night out with friends, work trip, vacation, wedding, dinner with friends, concert or festival, running errands, working from home.
  • Share your wishlist: give a specific description for the items you are looking for. For example, new dark jeans might be vague, but clean dark straight jeans to wear with boots- helps you to envision the item(s) you are looking for.
  • Start thinking about how to prioritize your list- which items do you need most now, and which items would be a nice-to-have but not necessary. Think about your accessories- a bag, pair of shoes, belt, scarf, piece of jewelry, etc. - will do more to add versatility, variety, and personality to your look than yet another pair of jeans.
  • Be realistic. Don’t expect to find all the items on your Wishlist all at one time. The list is a map for you, and it is a journey that will take time.