Girl Boss Stud Earrings

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You know that deep ujjayi yoga breath you have to take after your phone drops face first on the ground? It's that same breath you probably take when your alarm goes off in the morning.  We designed this pair of Complements to remind you that you are way stronger than you may initially think. You're a BOSS. At the end of that exhale, inhale the courage to check for the cracks--not just in your phone--but in all things. Rise up, conquer your day, and patch up the cracks! This is your world and you get to manifest as much beauty, success, and positivity as you can handle.

Our Girl Boss complements feature 18k gold-plated posts and backings over sterling silver, also known as 'vermeil' to those hip on the scene. Handmade just for you- Don't sweat the small stuff!