SOS- Styling Over Shopping-Workshop 🆘

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SOS- Styling Over Shopping-Workshop 🆘

SOS- Styling Over Shopping-Workshop 🆘

$ 49.99

Why you will love it

Need help walking through the steps to finding your style?  We are here for you!

Our Curate Your Closet Workshop is a 6 week VIRTUAL WORKSHOP. Our workshop will start on February 1st and you can work at your own pace.  If you need more time for a part of the workshop or need to revisit that is ok and there is no rush to finish.  Style is a journey and once you have the tools mastered you will have more confidence in your purchases and what you are looking for instead of trying to get a quick fix.

What you can expect:

  • February 1-14th is week 1/2: Setting Intentions, collecting Inspiration & finding your 3 style words
  • February 15-28th is week 3/4: Getting organized & assessing your assets.
    • February 29-March 14th is week 5/6: Building your wishlist and prioritizing your capsule wardrobe 

    We almost forgot to mention the best part of this workshop- you will be doing it together with a community of others who are on the style journey.  You will get to share and learn from others and understand where your style blocks are and how to move through them.

    Who is this good for?

    Fashion has the distinct ability to change a person’s perception of you and the term retail therapy has been used as it can quite literally change your mood to find an item that makes you feel beautiful, and the newness can be an emotional high.  You can forget about all of your problems when you finally find a pair of jeans that fits you perfectly and accepting your body for its health and your uniqueness can be an unlock for your confidence.

    Many people lose touch with what they actually like and are influenced to thinking their fashion tastes change over time, when in truth our tastes slowly evolve over decades of experience.  Deep down, your true style has stayed largely consistent over time, and it is a matter of tuning out the external messages and tuning into your instincts and qualities that naturally bring you joy. 

    Once you start doing this, the other pieces will fall into place, and you will have more clarity and confidence to invest in the pieces you should buy without regrets.  When your wardrobe starts to align with your style – mixing and matching pieces becomes easy and intuitive.  You will want to wear everything you own and getting dressed becomes fun and creative not stressful.

    You are in the right place!  We will start with the steps to help you tune into your style instincts and distill them into a visual direction.  Do not get discouraged if you can’t commit to the process in a short amount of time- we all have busy lives and things come up- so take the time you need.

      *What is stopping you?  This is the perfect time of year to pause and reflect - reset and reinvent yourself.  Dress for the life you want and it will become real.  Sign up today - we are so excited to get to know you and help you on your style discovery journey.

      Title SOS- Styling Over Shopping-Workshop 🆘