Kalepsu Wayuu Bracelet Barbie

$ 75.00

Size: One Size

Kalepsu Wayuu Bracelet Barbie


Handwoven with love and care by Wayuu women in La Guajira peninsula in northern Colombia. Each piece is one of a kind with energy and life from an ethnic culture which is proud to maintain its traditions. When you buy one of our bracelets, you support our social project that supply clean water to children in need. This exclusive piece is just for you to cherish and enjoy!

Social Impact :

> Support ethical clothing, handmade, fair trade clothing, macrame craftsmanship and sustainable fashion.

> Empowering Wayuu women to develop their weaving skills.

> Give back 20 litres of water to a Wayuu childern in Colombia.


Each bracelet is handmade and embellish with 100% Swarovski crystals. 

Handmade bronze Charm with 18K gold filled.

This piece comes in our packaging to make the perfect gift. 

Natural stones Quartz Citrine Pink Amethyst Lepidocrocite.

Double gold plated hardware to closure (extendable threadwork up to 6")

Gold plated Castellano brass hardware and gold rings or chains.

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