It is often said that the hardest part is just getting started, but the reality is that continuing is actually much harder.  When doing the work to define your style with both visuals and language- the process can seem overwhelming, but you wouldn’t be here if it was easy.  The best way to get started is to take manageable steps to collect inspiration that will help you define your style and be able to manifest it.

Before we start shopping or even clean out our closets- we need to establish our guide to what we want to shop for and what we want to edit out of our closets.  We need to first define our style- not by what we already own, but by what we are aspiring to be.  By collecting inspiration of your likes and dislikes – work on trusting your instincts and being patient- because your authentic self will naturally come out through the process.

Visual inspiration boards serve a singular purpose- to focus your tastes.  Without an inspiration board- ideas and images tend to become chaotic and without purpose- your board will help you take the ideas out of your head and evaluate each individually to refine your taste- rather than looking for a singular item. 

As you collect inspiration you will need a place to keep your ideas and we recommend Pinterest as it is easy to search for images and they will even suggest new ideas based on your previous pins. 


It can be easily updated and edited- and as your style evolves it allows you to change- but if you prefer to cut images and glue them on a board that works too.  Pinterest is easy to share with your stylist too- and your stylist can easily visualize what you are going for with your style.

Make sure you write down your pinterest username to share with your stylist so they can have a visual focus of your tastes and goals.  If you created a visual board using magazines or another app, write in "I will text you" or "I would like to email you my pics" so that the stylist knows you will be sending your inspo. 


  1. Need help starting a pinterest board
  2. Need help finding your username on Pinterest- here is an article with more information.


When searching on a platform like Pinterest, combine one of these descriptors with something like “outfits” “style” “aesthetic” “inspo” or “fashion”. Each of these search ideas will provide the best results when you continue to add descriptions to refine what you’re looking for. As the search yields results, look at what kind of images it suggests and pivot your search from there.

Once you have your Pinterest Board ready upload you Pinterest User Name to your account: