Before embarking on any journey, it is worth the pause a million times over to articulate what exactly you want to achieve.

The New Year is known for resolutions and while focusing on personal progress is awesome, only 9% of people keep the resolutions they set in January.  Each resolution promises life changing results and quick fixes- but real change doesn’t happen overnight. 

The problem with instant makeovers is that if the result isn’t authentically you- it may work fine if your goal is to look pulled together- but personal style (discovering what you truly like and how you want to present yourself to the world) is something only you can do for yourself.  A stylist can guide you and advise you through the process, but they can’t do it for you. Defining your personal style is a journey and requires your deep engagement but the outcome is deeply rewarding, and you will get out of it what you put in.

Why is personal style important and what are the goals of Curate Your Closet?  A clarified understanding of your true personal style is a map to your style and wardrobe of your future.  It is so easy to be influenced by social media for what is trending- sometimes without realizing- to fit in and look pulled together- but many of these messages are coming from sources that are making money off of you constantly buying new things. 

Look at fast fashion- the goal is to sell you the latest trends at such a cheap price that you will not think about the fit or quality (or usefulness) not to mention how they were made- and by who- but instead consume so much that whether you wear the item or throw it away- the cost was so cheap you don’t think about it twice.  On the contrary quality items can vary in price significantly and seem overpriced in contrast to fast fashion- but the price per wear of items you “collect” and keep for years can be significantly lower than the price per wear of items from fast fashion houses.  We are programmed in a culture of not thinking and being numbed in fashion to continue to buy the same items over and over- without really stopping to think why we are buying them and what are our goals we want to achieve with our style.  Who is it we want people to see when you walk in a room? 

Fashion has the distinct ability to change a person’s perception of you and the term “retail therapy” has been used as it can quite literally change your mood to find an item that makes you feel beautiful, and the newness can be an emotional high.  You can forget about all of your problems when you finally find a pair of jeans that fits you perfectly and accepting your body for its health and your uniqueness can be an unlock for your confidence.

Many people lose touch with what they actually like and are influenced to thinking their fashion tastes change over time, when in truth our tastes slowly evolve over decades of experience.  Deep down, your true style has stayed largely consistent over time, and it is a matter of tuning out the external messages and tuning into your instincts and qualities that naturally bring you joy.  Once you start doing this, the other pieces will fall into place, and you will have more clarity and confidence to invest in the pieces you should buy without regrets.  When your wardrobe starts to align with your style – mixing and matching pieces becomes easy and intuitive.  You will want to wear everything you own and getting dressed becomes fun and creative not stressful.

You are in the right place!  We will start with the steps to help you tune into your style instincts and distill them into a visual direction.  Do not get discouraged if you can’t commit to the process in a short amount of time- we all have busy lives and things come up- so take the time you need.

Ready to start?  Setting intentions and collecting inspiration is key to defining your personal style.  You need to get clear on what you want to achieve and where you want to end up, so you are clear on what you want to achieve. 

  • Release any rules of what your style should be.  Start by reflecting on why you are going through this process.  You will need to understand this to keep you motivated, engaged and with a clear vision of what success looks like to you. 
  • Write down your #1 goal in curating your closet.  Why did you click on our link?  What is the feeling you get when you pick what you are going to wear, and do you wish it was something different? 
  • What do you admire about other people’s approach to fashion?  Commit to the process.  Identify any negative beliefs or rules.  Think about how your family and friends dress and analyze your wardrobe and think of your shopping.  What are you telling yourself about what you should avoid wearing? Identifying your mental roadblocks is half the battle to letting them go. 
  • Unfollow accounts and unsubscribe form emails that don’t support your journey.  Before you start collecting images that inspire you, clear out images or messages that may be confusing and declutter your social media from accounts that are trendy, or pushing products that are made from cheap materials or socially not conscious production.

Make sure to write down your intentions to share with your stylist in our Style Quiz.  Examples could be

  • Re-evaluate and edit my style to fit where I am not. 
  • Limit the distractions and focus on styles that serve me now and for who I want to be.
  • To get a firm understanding of my style so the I can spend less time debating purchases and be more confident in my choices.
  • Make use of more items in my closet. 
  • Step out of my comfort zone. 
  • Push myself creatively with styling and repurposing items to elevate my style and make things truly my own.
  • To clarify my thoughts about my own style and really understand what makes me feel great when I put it on.
  • To zero in on my personal style and own it. 
  • I want to have a curated wardrobe that allows me to dress with ease, joy and authenticity.
  • To finally take a pause to define my style and to understand how my style has evolved over the years.

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